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Scum lines are over-looked by a lot of anglers fishing for largemouth bass.

Bass utilizing this cover are usually in a positive feeding mood, this provides them with an ambush point to attack prey.  Scum lines can extend out from the shoreline a couple feet to several yards.  The prime holding locations within the scum line will offer bass direct access to deeper water.  When fishing scum lines, you must alway be prepare for the strike ... strikes are quick and aggressive.  I like using bright color surface flies that creates commotion (a popping sound or wake) using a slow steady stripping retrieve, moving the fly only 4 to 6 inches on each strip.


On the Vise ...

Pheasant Tail Nymph (size 12 shown)

Hook - TMC 3761 / Sizes - 10 to 18
Thread - Dark Brown
Tail - Pheasant Tail Fibers
Rib - Gold Wire (counter-wrapped, to hold and protect the abdomen's pheasant tail fibers)
Abdomen - Pheasant Tail Fibers
Wingcase - Pheasant Tail Fibers
Thorax - Peacock Herls
Legs - Pheasant Tail Fibers used to form the wingcase are pulled back and secured
Head - Tying Thread and Cemented


Bent Rods and Smoking Reels ...

Northwest Indiana's Angling Guru - Chris Brown showcasing one of his several trophy Monroe Reservoir Wipers caught on Chuck Creech's Custom Wiper Blade Rig (Chuck is also the originator / tier of the Tungsten Ice Hole Jig, which has been the hottest ice fishing lure for the past several years ... only available at Slez's Bait 'n Tackle Shop).

Outing after outing, Chris has shown the knowledge and talent to score trophies from Lake Trout on Lake Michigan to Steelhead on Lake Michigan's Tributaries to Northern Pike in Canada.  No matter how bad the conditions, Chris has the uncanny ability to figure-out the pattern and present the lure to repeatedly catch fish ... along with having the "Hot Stick" this season, he's humble and eager to educate fellow anglers.  Two thumbs-up.

Northwest Indiana Bass Tournament Sensation - John "Roz" Rozgony showcasing a Drum caught on a tube jig while fishing a tournament on Spring Lake (Michigan).

According to Roz, "The drum took the tube very softly and started lazily swimming off ... after setting the hook, all hell broke loose and it was a battle of wills.".

Roz has been fishing bass tournament for several years and has proven he can not only compete with the best but also, brings home the money.  The key to Roz's success is that he's an all-rounded angler (deadly tossing crankbaits, spinnerbaits or soft plastics) ... and no matter what the conditions and type of structure, he catches bass after bass.  Two thumbs-up on your bonus catch.

Here's ... Frank "Magic" Goods showcasing an Indiana Trophy Wiper caught on Chuck Creech's Custom Wiper Blade Rig.  Frank earn the nickname Magic due to his keen senses to locate, hook-up, and land trophy bass and wipers on outing after outing.  If you're going to spend a day on the water with Magic, bring a large net and plan on netting a couple of trophy fish.

A key factor why Frank scores trophy after trophy is his positive attitude and ability to effectively fish shallow and deep water ... along with having an excellent mentor in Chuck to help with his early fishing learning curve (locating, boat positioning, proper presentation to trigger the strike, and landing a trophy).  Frank is a big believer and practices CPR - Catch, Photo, Release.  Two thumbs-up on your catch and thank you for sharing the photo.


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Line & Lure conditioner is the reel deal ...
Since the spring of 2012, I have been using Line & Lure on my fly lines, leaders, tippets, dry flies, and bass bugs.  Its preformance has been "two thumbs-up".  Cleaning and coating my fly line with this conditioner reduces the line-to-guide friction, repels debris which increases line control (improved casting accuracy, line speed and distance), better line floatability (easier line mending and improved fly presentation).  On leaders and tippets, they float higher and cleaner.  Dressing dry flies and bass bugs with Line & Lure has proven to be a major plus - they ride higher and longer than other dressings that I have used in the past.  Therefore, I spend less time drying / re-dressing my fly and more time fishing.  Also, using Line & Lure on my sunglasses adds a scratch resistant and dust repelling coating - along with, reducing glare and miinimizes water spotting.

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