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Here's an amflyfishing tip ... "You can cast your fly further if you don't stand on your fly line.".
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On the vise ... Thread Midges, Size 20
      When faced with east winds and the fish are in a negative feeding mood ... the White Miracle is one of those few patterns that can save an outing.  Whether fishing still or moving water, this fly is very effective worked slowly with a hand-twist retrieve throughout the water column (from in the surface film and all the way to the bottom).      
      > Armed and ready with the 3-weight to target panfish on the local ponds.

On the vise ... Teeny Nymphs (tied on J. Stockard #217 traditional nymph hook / size 10).  A 150 Teeny Nymphs should get me through this season or two. lol

Click here to view ... Jim Teeny tying and talk about his nymph pattern


  > In your rush to get out and on the water, don't forget the polarized sunglasses.  A good pair of polarized sunglasses are an essential for an angler's eye protection from physical objects (i.e. a fly, another angler's rod tip) and the sun's ultra violet rays ... polarized lens also reduces glare, thus increasing angler's ability to see underwater structures and spot fish.

Side note.  Understanding the role that refraction plays when spotting a fish is critical.  The fish that you spot is closer and deeper than it appears - along with the fish looking larger.
      > If the fly, leader and fly line is slapping the water or the ground behind you ... it's usually caused by the angler going back too far on the backcast and / or allowing the wrist to break too far back.  There's a fine balance between the arm and wrist motion.  The arm provides the power (distance) and the wrist is use to aim (guide) the cast.  If you allow the wrist to both power and target the cast ... oh well, you're screwed - hope you enjoy untangling wind knots or removing the hook of the fly from the back of your shirt.

The fly line, leader, tippet, and fly follows the rod tip ... the rod tip follows the thumb.  Therefore, it's critical that the thumb is position on top of the grip.  Keeping the thumb pointed at the intended target, the cast will be online to hit the intended mark.

Attending a certified fly casting and fishing school (i.e. Federation of Fly Fishers, Orvis, Mel Krueger) is definitely recommended and is an investment well made.  If that is not possible, there are several excellent fly casting videos ... such as Mel Krueger's The Essence of Flycasting.
      > Small bluegills will tolerate a good amount of disturbance ... but a trophy bluegill will spook and disappear into deeper water at the slightest bit of commotion.  Bluegills don't become trophies by being careless.  When targeting large gills, it's critical to approach in casting position quietly, deliver the fly softly, and fish slowly.  One of the ways to hook-up on a trophy is with an un-weighted fly (sinking slowly and fluttering).  Also, the bigger gills treads to take a position below the rest of a school (this is where a sinking tip fly line will pay off.      
Molly Mouse, UV Peacock 
(size 10)
  > An update to all you feather flingers targeting largemouth bass ... Small Flies Do Catch Big Bass!

Here in Northwest Indiana, I have hooked-up and landed a number of large bass (4 pounds and up) on small flies.  The majority of my pond hopping is with a 5-weight fly rod.  There's lots of small baitfish and insects during late spring and summer ... down-sizing the fly to mmatch the size of the dominant food sources has proved to be successful.  List below are a few proven patterns / sizes,

Molly Mouse / size 10         Clouser Minnow / size 10
Woolly Buggers / size 10 & 12         Andy's Foam Fly / size 8 & 10
Teeny Nymph / size 10         Hare's Ear Nymph / size 12
        > On the Vise ... Zebra Midge
I like to fish this fly as a dropper under a surface fly when the gills are in a non-aggressive mood.  Also, the Zebra Midge is a very effective nymph pattern for trout in streams, imitating the midge pupae.

Hook - TMC 2487 / Sizes - 12 to 18
Beadhead - Silver
Thread - Black
Rib - Silver Wire
Body - Tying Thread
        > Working nymph patterns is effective way to hook-up on crappies.  My choice for a nymph pattern is the Hare's Ear Nymph in sizes 12 and 14 ... using a slow and consistent moving hand-twist retrieve.

Hare's Ear Nymph (size 12 shown)
Hook - TMC 3761 (1XL / 2XH)
Thread - Dark Brown
Tail - Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers
Rib - Gold Wire
Abdomen - Light Hare's Ear Dubbing
Wingcase - Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers
Thorax - Light Hare's Ear Dubbing
Head - Dark Brown Tying Thread

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        Line & Lure Conditioner is the reel deal ...
Since the spring of 2012, I have been using Line & Lure on my fly lines, leaders, tippets, dry flies and bass bugs … and its performance has been “two thumbs-up”.  Cleaning and coating my fly line with this conditioner reduces line-to-guide friction and repels debris which increases line control (improved casting accuracy, line speed and distance) and better line floatability (easier line mending and pick-up, improved fly presentation).  On leaders and tippets, they float higher and cleaner.  Dressing my dry flies and bass bugs with Line & Lure has proven to be a major plus … they ride higher and longer than other dressings that I have used in the past.  Therefore, I have spend less time drying / re-dressing my fly and more time fishing.  Yes, it’s like adding “power steering” for your fishing.  Also, using Line & Lure on your sunglasses adds a scratch resistant and dust repelling coating … along with, reduce glare and minimizes water spotting.

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